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Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs)

An estimated 22% of children have two or more adverse childhood experiences such as all forms of abuse, severe neglect, sudden traumatic loss, and domestic violence.( ACES are not excuses. They are explanations for challenging behaviors.

A common myth about childhood adversity is that children are resilient and “get over it.” Public health research shows that neither children or adults simply “get over toxic stress.” We can get through and grow beyond the effects of trauma, especially when we are “handled with care” and trauma responsive approaches.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Become Trauma Informed, Trauma Responsive and Resiliency Focused.

Read Mary's Newly Published Article: "How to Create an Emotionally Safe Classroom using Psychological First Aid."

Mary Fowler’s school-based trainings and parent workshops provide essential knowledge, insight, inspiration and practical, positive strategies for meeting the needs of children and adults with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. She specializes in trauma and toxic stress, ADHD, disaster recovery, resiliency and wellness.

Her forthcoming book is: ©What Happened…to You: The Complete Resource for Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Responsive and Resiliency-Focused Parents and Teachers.

PD for Educators

Understanding and Identifying Which Strategies to Use When and Why

Areas of Expertise:

  • Helping Students with Trauma and ACEs
  • Positive Interventions for Difficult, Challenging Behaviors
  • ADHD in School—Best Practices
  • Creating Safe, Stable, Nurturing Environments
  • Positive Action Plans
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Performance

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Parent and Caregiver Programs

Helping You Cope Better with Life’s Challenges


  • Skills for Self-Care, Personal Strength and Resilience
  • Managing Emotional Reactions
  • Helpful Thinking
  • Building Healthy Social Connections
  • Promoting Positive Activities
  • Problem Solving
  • Prioritizing
  • Parenting Children with ADHD
  • Understanding and Helping Your Child in the Aftermath of Trauma/li>

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Turning the Tides Strategies

Leading the Way to Post-Traumatic Growth For Individuals, Organizations, Institutions, Community Groups Recovering from Disasters.

• Trauma-Informed Approaches
• Manage Distress
• Rebuild Connections
• Strengthen Resilience
• Restore Hope

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"Mary Fowler is an experienced presenter who helps teachers skillfully decode student behavior. Her presentations include practical strategies to create a climate of learning and respect in the classroom. Mary shares her knowledge generously and always leaves educators feeling energized."
Pat Ward, PD Consultant, Former PD Coordinator Middlesex Regional ED Services Commission