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Improving Behavior in Classrooms

The actions and behaviors of our students are like a coded language. Educators who learn how to interpret the language of behavior and how to respond appropriately reach their students.

Mary Fowler’s staff development services deliver positive, effective, and supportive strategies that help educators manage social, emotional and behavioral challenges, improve emotional well-being, and create a climate of learning and respect.

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Tailored for your school community’s needs.


  • Increase positive behavioral mindsets & supports.
  • Decrease office and special services referrals.
  • Empower staff to handle the tough cases.
  • Raise learner (and staff) resilience.
  • Teach collaboration, problem-solving.
  • Increase “response-ability” for all.

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Coaching and Consulting

Relationship-based PD in real time for authentic problems.


  • Improves staff confidence, leadership and behavior management capability.
  • Reduces office referrals, detentions, suspensions.
  • Reduces premature SPED referrals & supports RTI success.
  • Improves school morale, climate, and classroom management.
  • Generates effective strategies for students with chronic issues.
  • Provides guidance for support and special services staff.
  • Develops mutually respectful learning environments.
  • Supports and develops struggling staff and students.

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"Mary Fowler is an experienced presenter who helps teachers skillfully decode student behavior. Her presentations include practical strategies to create a climate of learning and respect in the classroom. Mary shares her knowledge generously and always leaves educators feeling energized."
Pat Ward, PD Consultant, Former PD Coordinator Middlesex Regional ED Services Commission