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  • Put Heart in the Art

    Mrs. B wasn’t known for having the warmest affect in the school. In fact, a parent conference with her could leave one feeling very chilly! Yet, every April and early May, Mrs. B. put heart in her art and transformed the entire second grade math curriculum into a project known by the locals as “Mrs. B’s Blooming Buds.” Mrs. B’s …

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  • “Make Over” Month

    Learners with social, emotional and behavioral challenges tend to be acutely sensitive to the environment. When they detect a warble in the structure, consistency or predictability, they perceive it as a lack of stability and become more reactive. Reactivity leads to an increase in behavior problems. What better time than a new year to revisit your classroom rules, procedures and …

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  • “Mindful Discipline for Distressed Learners” Book Chapter

    Mindful Discipline for Distressed Learners Book Chapter To download PDF, right click on the link above and select “Save link as…”.

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  • Quiet the Biology… Calming Techniques

    Quiet the Biology: Give Yourself and Your Learners the Gift that Keeps on Giving without Spending a Cent! OMG. It’s holiday time. And it’s exciting, invigorating, and guaranteed to increase stress and shorten emotional fuses.  Between elevated expectations for whatever we (or our students) believe we need to make us happy, the heightened stimulation, the changes in routine, and the …

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  • Isn’t that Curious?

    Janine, a third grade student at PS 25, aspires to be a scientist. These days, she’s under the spell of frogs and is raising a few in a tank at home. She wants to be sure she takes good care of them. That’s the reason she reads everything amphibian for her independent after school reading homework as I learned the …

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