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ADHD For School Personnel

Best Strategies to Know and Use

Teaching students with ADHD can be hard, frustrating, and disheartening under the best of circumstances. While there is no quick fix for ADHD issues, problems are highly manageable.

In this workshop, you will learn what to do and how to use what you know to improve your students’ educational performance.

You may also find these strategies benefit your students without ADHD who have been impacted by the uncertainty and unpredictability due to the pandemic.

Want to know what to do and why? Which strategies to use when and how?

Content includes ADHD background knowledge, strategies for getting and maintaining attention, strategies for increasing on-task performance, and select strategies for student-specific behaviors.

For Parents

Knowing how to help your child be successful at school can be daunting. I provide consultations and will help you work with your child’s school and teachers.

Service and Programs are Designed for Your Needs

Workshops, Keynotes, Technical Assistance, and Individual Coaching
Onsite/virtual Services Available.

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