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Resilience and Well-Being

My Workshops Combine Research with Practices That Will Help You Identify Strengths and Resources.

We all have the ability to adapt and transform during difficult times. Often we lose sight of the resources that we can tap to help us strengthen and rise above our struggles. Once we identify our personal strengths and resources along with our external sources of support, we have the capacities we need to turn the tide.

Learn about the science of resilience and well-being. Discover your ordinary magic—personal strengths, resources, and sources of social support. Develop ordinary magic into practices that nurture you. Learn how you can support others in strengthening their resilience and well-being.

Content Is Combined Psychoeducational and Experiential.

Topics include the neurobiology of compassion, the benefits of mindfulness, the anchors of resilience, grounding strategies, and practices that support mindful and kind compassion, gratitude, and joy.

Service and Programs are Designed for Your Needs.

Workshops, Keynotes, Technical Assistance, and Individual Coaching.
Onsite/virtual Services Available.
Also Available for Wellness Retreats.

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