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Trauma-Informed Practices

Before most of us had heard the expression, trauma-informed care, people who were struggling often heard this question: “What’s wrong with you?!”

Fortunately, three decades of brain research have advanced our understanding of what happens during traumatic events. Knowledge and understanding are transforming our approaches from classrooms to boardrooms. Instead of asking “What’s wrong with you?” a trauma-informed approach asks the caring, compassionate question: “What do you need? How can we help?”

My training combines the latest research and best trauma-response practices.

Content is structured around the 4R’s of trauma-informed care: Realize. Recognize. Respond. Resilience.

Participants will realize the impact of trauma on the body, mind, and performance. They will recognize signs and symptoms and what they can do to address immediate needs and problems. Strategies are strength-based and designed to nurture resilience and decrease reactivity.

Interventions blend emotional recovery support strategies, positive approaches, and wellness practices.

Related Topics: Trauma-Informed Teaching. Emotional Well-Being. Adverse Childhood Experiences( ACES). Difficult and Challenging Behaviors. Stress Management. Social and Emotional (SEL) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Trauma-Informed Practices are intended for educators, support personnel, and community service providers.

Service and Programs are Designed for Your Needs

Workshops, Keynotes, Technical Assistance, and Individual Coaching
Onsite/virtual Services Available.

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