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Coping With Stress

When Stress Loads are High or Overwhelming, Anxiety Rises.

Coping abilities drop. When you are in over your head, stressed to the max, self-care can seem like one more thing you have to do on an already overloaded plate.

Experience has taught me to start small and build on success by focusing on one strategy at a time. I provide a variety of evidence-based strategies and practices for your stress response tool chest.

This mindfully compassionate approach will help reduce the sense of being overwhelmed.  You will learn simple practices that will make a positive difference in your day-to-day life. You can also help the children and adults you serve with these practices.

Content Is Combined Psychoeducational and Experiential.

Content includes the neurobiology of stress, patterns of reaction, and practical, realistic strategies to manage and cope with stress including the stress arising from toxic situations.

Service and Programs are Designed for Your Needs

Workshops, Keynotes, Technical Assistance, and Individual Coaching.
Onsite/Virtual Services Available.
Also Available for Wellness Retreats.

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