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Elementary School Principal

Thank you very much. The staff here felt that the training was really worthwhile. They seemed really pleased with the realistic focus on “dealing with a current situation and not trying to change the child during a difficult encounter.” We have had many presenters on this topic, but the staff said yours really stands out. Thank you for everything.

High School Counselor

Mary, you were brilliant, and I hope to attend more of your workshops! The thing that separates Mary from other presenters is there’s a level of metacognition that the audience easily falls into due to the methodology Mary utilizes in presenting her material.  Mary has the ability to not only give outstanding and helpful tips and perspective but is consistently modeling to the educators in the room the power of being flexible.  She touches upon being adaptable with teaching styles, classroom management as well as compassion for self…The recognition for breaks to help maintain focus, the attentiveness to allowing everyone to feel comfortable, safe and in the best state to absorb the information required a lot of attention to detail to individual body language and different levels of communication. Normally in workshops we learn bullet points on how to do such things and instead we were being educated through modeling.  It is a nice reminder that every child does the best they can based on where they are emotionally and cognitively.   Furthermore, Mary reminds us, that what we choose to give our students in understanding, empathy, and compassion, we must also do for ourselves as adults.  


Thank you greatly for coming to our school and spreading your knowledge and insight with us at our Academy! Personally, it was powerful to actively think about how I can show more compassion to my students. Also, the very simple reminder to breathe really helped and I will use it in my classroom. Thank you for doing the work!

Special Educator

You speak from the heart and it was evident that through your personal and professional experiences you are a wealth of knowledge. Coming to workshops like yours makes one realize that most of us are in the same boat which in itself makes one feel better. Feeling alone can really be a downer! When you told your stories of your teaching career, I knew that you spoke from your heart and understand each and every one of us and that you understand kids so well! Thank you!

Director of Special Services

I am not sure how to begin other than my staff cannot stop talking about you and the workshop. I got stopped in the hall three times today by general education teachers who already have started to test some of the strategies you suggested. I also informed the superintendent today at our administrator’s meeting this afternoon. My assistant superintendent has agreed to help supplement anything I cannot underwrite to continue using your services to reach the rest of the staff.

Regional Supervisor

Thank you for presenting an outstanding workshop on ADHD strategies for our instructional aides. I especially appreciated the ability to tailor the content of this session to meet our specific needs. The evaluation contained glowing comments and mentioned the value of your handout and book.

First Year Teacher

I am a first-year teacher and have “the bad class.” This workshop encouraged me to have confidence in my ability to teach and do what I know is right. I really appreciated Mary Fowler’s sense of humor. To recognize the complexities of each situation instead of just rattling off a “solution” or “fix-all” was very refreshing. I gained valuable tools. The seminar addressed problems that are actually occurring among my students in my classes. I received concrete suggestions that I can implement easily.

President, Educational Institute Company

Mary Fowler has brought life and vitality to the brain and learning institutes around the world. From Tennessee to Albuquerque to Connecticut and Frankfurt, Germany, Mary has provided educators with up-to-date research and strategies for implementation regarding key areas of interest to practitioners such as ADHD, behavior, emotional well-being, and more. Her presentation style is dynamic and keeps participants engaged throughout the day. Mary’s depth of knowledge and purposeful approach to helping educators work successfully with young people supports our profession in a most productive manner. She is a delight to work with!

Education Director, State Learning Disabilities Association

Mary Fowler is a brilliant presenter. Her content and professionalism were first-class. Many of the ideas picked up by our seminar participants can be easily incorporated into their classrooms. Her presentation was very relevant to educators and parents. Her sessions included a good mix of theory and practice. Mary is easy to work with and a joy to be around. I highly recommend her presentation.

Supervisor of Special Education, Urban School District

As part of this training, Mary led group training for teachers on social, emotional, behavioral, and trauma issues. Her focus was to facilitate the development of positive behavioral interventions and supports that would assist teachers in their interactions with students… Mary developed strategies with the teachers in an instructional setting and then assisted them with the implementation in the classroom. Mary suggested methods to use with specific learners exhibiting problems. She also worked within our classrooms to troubleshoot management and behavioral issues resulting from teacher and student emotional reactivity and poor management/social skills. Mary’s work ethic and ability to effectively communicate are exceptional. I would recommend her without reservation.

Workshop Evaluations

  • Mary’s expertise was evident, and much was learned.

  • Great job!  Awesome presentation.

  • Excellent presentation, very relevant and helpful.

  • Wonderful and knowledgeable presenter.  Made it interesting.

  • I thought the presenter was very engaging and informative.

  • Mary involved us so that it was easier to retain the information.  Experiencing was key.

  • Enjoyed this very much.

  • Very interesting and informative.

  • Very timely with very useful information.

  • Very hands-on. I have a list of things I will be putting to use in my classroom tomorrow!

  • This was very helpful, and I can use a lot of these strategies with my students!

  • Loved the immediate instruction on strategies.

  • Helpful and relevant.

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